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Infrastructure Solutions


Alfa Logos Inc. Infrastructure Solutions leverage the latest technology available to provide you with the ability to confidently enhance your IT infrastructure and streamline your operations, improve your productivity, and manage your infrastructure. Alfa Logos Inc. will work with you to assess your technology environment, current application(s) and availability requirements, and key business success factors to determine your business continuance and environmental dependency needs. As your business grows and evolves, Alfa Logos Inc. will work with you to strengthen your IT infrastructure through a wide range of competencies.

Infrastructure Solutions Components

  • Storage Solutions /Architecture and Design
  • Server Solutions/Assessment and Design
  • Networking Solutions
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Virtualization
  • Storage and Server Consolidation
  • Storage and Data Management Solutions


The results of an optimized infrastructure are usually dramatic: significant cost reductions—through lower cost of ownership and reduced operating and maintenance costs—and dramatically improved system manageability.

Infrastructure Solutions Benefits

Alfa Logos Inc. partners with a wide range of leading suppliers, and can propose best-in-class solutions that offer significant advantages over single-vendor or single-point solutions. Alfa Logos Inc. brings together proven technologies in a scalable, resilient, and reliable solution capable of fulfilling all of your organization’s business requirements.

  • Enable greater profitability by reducing downtime due to IT Systems failures
  • Free up existing IT resources by automating routine processes
  • Streamline critical line-of-business processes that are at the core of your organization
  • Increase employee productivity by ensuring access to applications regardless of user location
  • Improved satisfaction with IT by staff and business stakeholders

Alfa Logos Inc. has the knowledge and competencies to make sure your IT environment essentials are in place in order to establish a solid foundation whereby infrastructure enhancements can be added effectively as your business grows.

Choosing Alfa Logos Inc. will ensure that all aspects of your IT infrastructure, both related to projects and ongoing operations, meet the demands of your business.



Server Virtualization is a popular cost-saving IT strategy. Today, server virtualization is a successful technique for utilizing a company’s hardware resources effectively while expanding security.

Alfa Logos Inc.’s server virtualization offering provides high-accessibility and dependability, while decreasing downtime. Alfa Logos Inc. can help your IT Department maximize all servers to help grow your company while minimizing expenses on hardware, software licensing, power consumption and server management

Server Virtualization Components

  • Platform: Utilizing a Hypervisor, servers run without an operating system. Another option is hosted virtualization, which utilizes an operating system under the server virtualization software.
  • Server Hardware: Provides options such as utilizing existing equipment or refreshing to gain better processing speeds and memory capacity. Server consolidation solutions come in numerous configurations such as rack-mounted, blades; 2-way, high-end, or 16-way servers running Intel or AMD processors.
  • Shared Storage: Through a shared storage offering, companies can deploy fibre channel, iSCSI and NFS solutions, while hard drive options include SATA, SAS and interconnect technologies.
  • Network Hardware: Server virtualization components require Gigabit connectivity such as Fibre Channel over Ethernet, which decreases the number of Ethernet connections per server.
  • Licensing: Software licensing for server virtualization may be significantly more complex than other solutions. Alfa Logos Inc.’s licensing specialists know all the rules and can provide you with affordable choices that will guarantee compliance.
  • Support: Server virtualization requires spending money on support for each software license. However, the Alfa Logos Inc. team guarantees that all components work together seamlessly.

Server Virtualization benefits

  • Enhanced server utilization, performance and reliability
  • Centralized control of all desktop OS and applications
  • Significantly lowers power and cooling consumption
  • Reduces virus and malware outbreaks
  • OS management becomes easier and speeds application patch updates
  • Practically eliminates device theft
  • Strengthens data security, while improving remote access

Things to Consider for Server Virtualization

  • Alfa Logos Inc. can help your company implement a server virtualization solution to meet your business needs for today and tomorrow. But it’s essential to answer these questions:
  • What devices are needed and how does your workforce use them?
  • What level of security do you presently have in place for data and devices?
  • What are your existing energy costs?
  • What is your procedure for managing application delivery and OS updates?



A computer network is at the core of a company. Without a network that is dependable, adaptable and performing at a high level, companies struggle to thrive.

In the past, a network facilitated communication and data exchange between systems such as a printer, software program and end users. Today, networks must improve speed-to-application access and data, while building redundancy. Network redundancy, also known as resiliency, delivers maximum network uptime. It also guarantees high availability of critical applications not only within your own workforce, but with external partners and customers.

An additional aspect of network design is what happens internally. Alfa Logos Inc.’s solution streamlines management of applications at remote sites. The solution also drastically decreases network latency of applications for remote sites from the wide area networks (WAN), which means the workforce has access to applications and data faster so jobs are done quickly.

Networking Components

  • Network Health Check: Alfa Logos Inc. performs a network evaluation and analyses network traffic in terms of how it’s being accessed and directed. This network assessment reveals potential network clogging blocks.
  • Network Components: Alfa Logos Inc. uses first rate routers, switches and chassis that have redundant points, ensuring data moves smoothly through the network to users. These network components are hot-swappable, redundant, modular and easily manageable and supported through scheduled upgrade paths.
  • WAN Accelerator: Alfa Logos Inc.’s data deduplication techniques eliminate multiple copies of repeating data. It also sets traffic prioritization and TCP protocols making sure the organization gets Local Area Networking (LAN) performance over the WAN. WAN accelerators work to decrease chatty application traffic helping to limit latency of bandwidth-intensive traffic.
  • Load Balancing: Load balancing software intelligently prioritizes and accelerates application delivery. This works well in a hosted environment on multiple servers. The software monitors and distributes network traffic based on a set of defined prioritization of data types, IP addresses and destinations.
  • Application Delivery Controllers (ADC): An essential method for off-loading server processing of Web-based applications. ADC includes load-balancing software, content manipulation, advanced routing capabilities and system health monitoring.
  • Voice and Data Services: Practically eliminate bandwidth upgrades. They also provide an opportunity to re-evaluate existing voice and data needs and telecommunications agreements for additional cost savings.

Networking Benefits

  • Instantly provides backup and data replication over the WAN, while improving the company’s disaster recovery position
  • Helps to maximize bandwidth utilization
  • Significantly decreases application latency to remote end-users
  • Creates valuable new pathways guaranteeing application accessibility
  • Dramatically reduces operating and management expenditures
  • Provides a centralized network environment
  • Delivers more options than WAN bandwidth upgrades

Things to Consider about Networking Solutions

  • Which applications are accessed multiple times during the work day?
  • Have you categorized which applications need immediate access?
  • What mission-critical applications are the most important to your workforce?
  • Have you determined which applications cause the most latency issues?



Data availability is crucial to any business and the way that information is backed up, how it moves along on virtualized servers and in the cloud, makes data backup a fundamental part of day-to-day operations.

With experience and technical knowledge, Alfa Logos Inc. provides a data backup and recovery solution that fits a business’s present and future needs. In collaboration with top executives, Alfa Logos Inc. will develop new business processes for companies.

Backup Components

  • Backup Software: Alfa Logos Inc. develops backup solutions based on the best products available on the market. These products offer uninterrupted data protection and continuous data protection for both file servers and databases. It also ensures security and restoration of critical data regardless of type, physical location or on a virtual environment.
  • Backup Systems: It is strongly recommended to use a disk-based system for faster access and recovery, while leveraging data deduplication. Alfa Logos Inc. also has the knowledge and skill-set to work with a tape-based system, which is portable and available at a lower cost.
  • Data Deduplication: This significantly reduces network data redundancy and saves on storage and operating costs.
  • Data Archiving Plan: Transferred to a safe disk-based storage appliance, as the data ages and becomes less vital, it’s moved to an even more affordable tape-based storage system. All archiving is automated and tiered.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: Disaster recovery is essential to protect your data. Alfa Logos Inc. stores critical data off-site along with physically moving tape storage and removable hard disk drives. Data is replicated to a satellite system or to the cloud.

Backup Benefits

  • Technology investment protection
  • Enhanced workforce knowledge leading to higher productivity levels
  • Company-wide accessibility of data
  • Increased operational competences and speed-to-market
  • Addresses long term storage needs at affordable costs

How Alfa Logos Inc. Can Help My Organization Implement Backup Solutions

Alfa Logos Inc.’s effective backup solution dramatically reduces business disruptions leading to increased productivity, innovation and guarantees customer satisfaction. Alfa Logos Inc. collaborates with staff so operational and financial objectives for storage and information lifecycle management are addressed.



Companies struggle to keep pace with the huge volumes of data generated by social media, the cloud and mobility. While there isn’t one solution available to properly address this kind of explosive data growth, Alfa Logos Inc. has developed a storage management and virtualization practice that accepts the realities of today’s big data problems.

Alfa Logos Inc. believes an effective data storage management solution will transform an IT environment and inspire employees to work smarter and become more productive. One method is to integrate archiving into the data storage solution. Archiving allows a company to better outline its data retention policies for various data, employees and executives. Setting data policies is vital to ensuring the proper storage of data and deletion, while enabling advanced data searches.

Storage Components

  • Storage Area Networks (SANs): Connected through fiber, or iSCSI interfaces, SANs present a redundant path to a pool of storage devices for quick access to data. It also maximizes the performance of servers and applications.
  • Blade Servers: A blade server acts comparably to traditional servers but at a fraction of the power and cooling consumption. Blade servers not only share power and cooling, but also connectivity, which leads to better management of each server.
  • Storage Management Software: Facilitates central management of data and the data storage systems in an IT environment. This reduces complexity of multiple data storage systems by automating data storage tasks and availability across the network.
  • Archiving Software: Alfa Logos Inc.’s solution automates the transfer of data through tiers of storage. For example, archiving can delete files at the end of its retention period. Data archiving also provides single-instance storage of each file. This frees up valuable disk space and processing power for backup and storage systems.
  • E-Discovery Software: Uses advanced search features and systematically archives inventories, allowing workers to quickly find specific files and e-mails. Legally-significant files can be flagged to ensure protection from editing or deletion in accordance with data retention policies.
  • Data Deduplication: Most organizations back up data several times, creating many versions of the same data. Data deduplication provides substantial cost savings and increased speed to data by lowering both the surplus data and the systems required to deposit the data. This means less physical space in the data centre, leading to more savings in heating, cooling and power.
  • Data Storage Virtualization: Takes disparate data storage systems and displays them as a single, unified data storage structure. Combined with SANs it can provide a single “virtual” data storage device.

Storage Benefits

  • Provides a strategy for the retirement of older storage devices without data loss
  • Streamlines data storage maintenance and cuts down expenses
  • Significantly reduces administrative overhead and frees up IT resources
  • Provides for greater scalability and future growth expectations
  • Leads to a centralized data storage management system
  • Seamlessly allows newer storage systems to work well with older units

How Alfa Logos Inc. Can Help My Organization Implement Storage Solutions

These factors must be considered when evaluating storage management and virtualization solutions:

  • Where will the data be located? How predictable will it be to trace its growth?
  • What is the current budget for maintaining primary vs. secondary data storage systems?
  • What can be saved from the existing data storage environment?
  • What kind of change is expected after implementing a new data storage management system?
  • How will the new data storage solution impact compliance?

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